Next Year’s Field Day Antenna?

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Mike VA3MCX, out and about in Ashburn, ON, found this beautiful antenna he feels we should use for field day 2018. He is worried we might cook a squirrel or two, however, Mike informs me the rules for field day … Continued

Field Day 2017 Writeup

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This year’s Field Day I’m sure most would call a success. We made over 400 contacts with 102 on voice, 200 digital, and 107 CW. Digital ran PSK-31 and CW ran at roughly 20 WPM. All stations were all over … Continued

Come Out Field Day Weekend

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This weekend, June 24-25th, our club will be competing to make simulated emergency response contacts as part of a weekend long training exercise and competition. This event dates back to 1933 and has become a pillar of the ham radio … Continued

2017 Summer Kick Off BBQ

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Well, despite the rain storms that preceded and continued immediately after the BBQ, it was a beautiful evening to be at the repeater site.  We had an awesome turnout with several visitors from our neighbouring clubs and others who are friends of … Continued

Repeater Site Drone Video

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On a recent excursion at our repeater site, Jiri VA3CZK took his quadcopeter to enjoy a 100 foot view of the tower and surrounding countryside. In the footage you can also see Fred VA3FVD, as well as Mike VA3MCX who … Continued

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)

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Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) is a digital protocol that enables HF operators to contact one another by dialling a recipient similar to how other digital modes in the VHF/UHF bands do. Each amateur operator first programs their radio or connected … Continued