Surface Mount Tips & Tricks

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As we race to shrink the size of electronics, we all end up at some point needing to work on surface mount devices or SMD. These microscopic parts require a new way of working compared their through hole counterparts. Mike … Continued

Which Capacitor Do I Use?

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When building any AC project from an RF oscillator to a power supply, choosing the right capacitor for the job is often more important than you might first expect. In another great video by Mr. Carlson, he breaks down each … Continued

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)

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Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) is a digital protocol that enables HF operators to contact one another by dialling a recipient similar to how other digital modes in the VHF/UHF bands do. Each amateur operator first programs their radio or connected … Continued

Power & RF Don’t Mix

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On a recent excursion into the wilds of the Durham suburbia, our own Bob VE3IRB spotted an unusual antenna arrangement. Seems someone wanted their digital TV antenna on the air in a hurry, without some ugly support tower to hold … Continued