Hi everyone, on this page we will have info on our local VE3LBN digital repeater as well as links to sites that you will want to use on a regular basis.

VE3LBN is located at our repeater site and is configured as follows:

Frequency: 443.9875 +5
Colour Code = 3

NameTG NameTG IDTime SlotActive
LBN-Loc 2Local 292PTT
LBN-NA 93NA 93931PTT
LBN-WW 91WW 91911Sat - 11:00 to 12:00
LBN-USA-TXUSA-Texas31481Tue - 19:00 to 20:00

Useful Links!

Digital IDs Database – click on this link to go to the AmateurRadio.digital page.  Near the bottom you will see a nifty Digital Contacts Wizard which allows you to choose your radio, areas of call signs that you want to download, and it will create that database for you.  Then you use the ID software for your radio to load it in

Hoseline – don’t have a DMR radio but want to listen in to hear what is happening?  Head on over to Hoseline where you can plug in a talk group and listen to what is happening and see who is on.  In the middle section you will see talk groups.  TG 9 is Local 2, TG 93 is North America, TG 302 is Canada, TG 3100 is USA, and TG 302340 is your very own VE3LBN.  You can change these numbers as you like but these will always default in when you click on this link.