Camp X was a paramilitary and commando training installation during WWII built on the border of Whitby and Oshawa, Ontario on the shores of Lake Ontario. Camp X was where agents trained before being parachuted into Nazi occupied territory to not only lead the resistance movement, but to provide valuable information to invading Allied Armies. Camp X was also a Hydra facility where messages were sent and received between Europe and North America. Camp X was administered by British Security Co-ordination under the leadership of Sir William Stephenson, known as Intrepid.

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club has been involved with Camp X for many years. Some of our founding members worked at Camp X operating the Hydra transmitting station that relayed coded messages back and forth across the Atlantic with our allied partners. As such, our club often helps out with commemorative events and occasionally activates the Camp X call sign (VC3CX).

Below are some of the photos from various Camp X events we helped with.