This year we ran 4 normal stations: 2 phone stations, 1 digital station, and 1 CW (Morse Code). We also had a Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) station for newly licensed hams and those who hadn’t been on air in a really long time. This station has a coach to help you feel relaxed in case you worry about what to say in a contact. We ran using petrol generators to up our emergency response game. Many operated late into the night, camping over to the morning to start again bright and early on the second day.

Of course everyone’s favorite station, the food station, was ready and willing to cook up the greatest grub for our hams to enjoy between contacts. Very interesting to see the range of modes, antennas, and rigs; very educational.

If you’re interested in what ham radio can do, coming out to a field day is a great way to see what we do. If you’re brave and want to make a contact, you can even without a license on that day as our licensed operators will be on hand to coordinate the contact.

  • Where: Purple Woods Conservation Area
  • When June 25th & 26th, 2016