Our weekend started off with some dark clouds and drizzling rain as we set up early Friday evening. By the time a few more hams came out to help with set up, the skies cleared and we finished the evening with a gorgeous sunset and a calm night. Mother Nature was kind to us and kept our Saturday gorgeous with sunshine!

We made over 400 contacts with 102 on voice, 200 digital, and 107 CW. Steve VA3TPS’s setup utilized his usual 20 foot vertical. Mike VA3HEM’s Field Day setup included a Windom run east-west and a G5RV run north south both atop a 36 foot fibreglass pole tower. Martha VA3SBD’s setup included a Windom run east-west atop a 24 foot fibreglass pole tower. Bob VE3HIX’s setup this year was a simple but effective small form factor adjustable vertical. Ralph VE3CRK and Alex VE3ZSH helped Bob with logging CW contacts this year.

On Sunday, one hour before the end of the contest, light rain told us it was time to pack it in. For more, see our Field Day 2017 Writeup.

  • Where: Purple Woods Conservation Area
  • When: June 24 & 25, 2017