This year we were treated to a rain storm before and after our event. About an hour before we got there, Mother Nature decided to water the grass. Then, around 19:30 when it was winding down the skies opened up. Most took to their cars or the repeater shack to stay dry. Thankfully we had some warning, so the bulk of the food and supplies had already been packed away before it hit.

We had a substantial turnout with many members of neighbouring clubs and the family and friends of members in attendance. The meat was grilled to perfection thanks to Joe VE3VGJ and Doug VE3DCE. Thank you also goes out to all the wonderful people who brought snacks from salads through chips, to strawberries and devilled eggs. Thank you also to Martha VA3SBD and Clint VA3KDK for gathering the core supplies for us.

  • Where: Purple Woods Conservation Area
  • When: June 20, 2017