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The North Shore Amateur Radio Club has been in existence since shortly after WWII.  In fact, some of our early members served at Camp X as radio engineers and operators, building and operating the Hydra radio transmitter station located on the Oshawa Whitby border.

Our members proudly and willingly volunteer for community service when called upon and are a valuable asset for many events in the area that require radio communication.  As well, classes are held each year to help people obtain their amateur radio license so that they can join in all the fun activities.

If you are looking for a club that supports the community, leads out in special radio events, and has a passion for emergency services then the North Shore ARC is for you!

Club Meetings - we meet the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Whitecliffe Terrace Retirement Residence at 1460 Hwy 2 in Courtice.  Upon arrival please go to the reception desk and get a parking pass to put on the dash of your car.  After the meeting we convene to the Tim Horton's nearby for an informal rag chew and to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow Amateurs.

Sep 2016 - Sermon on the Mount at the repeater site
Oct 2016 - Balloons and Amateur Radio


<<< CQ Field Day -  We had a great group up at the repeater site for Field Day.  We operated 4A and despite the questionable band conditions managed to make quite a few contacts.  See more picks on the Field Day page.




   VE3OSH - 147.120  tone 156.7
   VE3NAA - 443.000
  tone 136.5
   Packet - 145.630

   APRS - VE3TYQ - 144.390
   President - Steve VA3TPS
   Vice President -
Martha VA3SBD
   Secretary-Treasurer -
Laird VE3LKS
   Membership -


       Lex, VE3LEX
       Ralph, VE3CRK

   Repeater Trustee

Laird, VE3LKS

   Camp X - TBA
Hamfest - 16-Apr-16
   Field Day - 25/26-Jun-16
Ride4United Way - 14-Aug-16
Club BBQ - 20-Sep-16 - Sermon on the Mount
                                     -  repeater site

   Paul's Dirty Enduro - 17-Sep-16
C.I.B.C. Run for the Cure - 2-Oct-16

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