The Enemy is Listening

The North Shore Amateur Radio Club of Oshawa, Ontario operated a Special Event station from Camp X Intrepid Park in Whitby, Ontario, Canada, on May 6-8, 2000 in celebration of the 55th anniversary of VE Day and the part Camp X played in the Allied war effort. Throughout the weekend, of special significance, we were treated to visits by several former employees and trainees that were at Camp X during the war. Several were message senders and receivers and one gentleman was an actual spy who had had his training at Camp X.

The Camp X Historical Society marked the event with a public ceremony on Monday, May 8th 2000 (VE Day). The ceremony was held at the memorial in Camp X Intrepid Park. The mayors of both Whitby and Oshawa made presentations and the Camp X Historical Society urged both local governments to assist with the creation of a Camp X museum. In addition The Military Communications and Electronics Museum of Kingston, Ontario displayed Second World War Radios at Camp X Intrepid Park throughout the day. This display was presented by the curator of the museum, Mr. David Lawrence, dressed in WWII army battle-dress of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals.

  • Callsign VC3CX
  • When: May 6-8th, 2000
  • Where: Camp X Intrepid Park in Whitby, Ontario, Canada